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Stop parking cars on WEH service road, MLA writes to NESCO

Citing regular traffic congestion on WEH outside NESCO Exhibition Centre, Ravindra Waikar asks management to take steps to ensure smooth flow of traffic; says it will be responsible in case of public outrage

Mumbai: Stop parking cars on WEH service road, MLA writes to NESCO

Cars parked on the service road outside NESCO Exhibition Centre, in Goregaon on Friday. Pic/Satej Shinde

Taking note of the regular traffic congestion on the service road outside the NESCO Exhibition Centre off the Western Express Highway at Goregaon East due to the cars parked by visitors, Shiv Sena MLA Ravindra Waikar has written to the NESCO authorities, asking them to come up with a solution at the earliest.

The Jogeshwari MLA in the letter dated July 29 stated that during the various exhibitions held at the centre, visitors tend to park their vehicles on the service road, which disrupts the vehicular movement and adds to the traffic jam, inconveniencing daily commuters. The leader further added that the NESCO management will be held responsible in case of a public agitation over the traffic congestion.

“The exhibition centre is visited by a large number of entrepreneurs from different parts of Maharashtra as well as from across the country and abroad. Motorists and local residents have complained that since there is no space left to park vehicles in the exhibition centre, vehicles are seen parked on the service road and on the Western Express Highway which leads to traffic jams,” Waikar stated.

He also mentioned that sometimes equipment related to the ongoing Metro work is parked there, and added that it is unavoidable. On Friday when this correspondent visited the location, cars were found parked on the service road right up to Mrunaltai Gore flyover on the north-bound stretch and from Mahanand Dairy till Bimbisar Nagar signal on the south-bound service road.

“As a result, the working class, students, senior citizens and ambulances travelling on this route cannot reach their desired destination on time. Due to this dilemma, the patient may even lose his life. This matter has also been brought to the notice of the management committee of the NESCO Exhibition Centre from time to time to find a way out of the traffic jam here and to take effective measures. Several times through correspondence as well as during the actual meeting, instructions have been given to resolve the dilemma. But the daily traffic congestion here shows that the management has not yet taken any comprehensive measures,” the letter stated, asking the management to take steps to ensure smooth flow of traffic.

Day in July when the letter was sent

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