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Orders to seal hospital for O2 mock drill lifted

Paras Hospital in the city’s Mathura Colony was sealed on June 8 last year after a purported video clip of its owner talking as how they cut off the oxygen supply to Covid-19 patients for 5 minutes as part of a mock drill to find out “who will die” had surfaced.

A fresh order was issued by the medical department four days ago stating that the licence of the hospital had been restored and it could resume operations with an immediate effect. The hospital will have to apply for fresh registrations and no-objection certificates (NOCs) before new patients are admitted, officials said.

In the video, Dr Arinjay Jain, the hospital owner, was heard saying that 22 patients were “filtered out” during the “experiment” as they “turned blue”. The “mock drill” is reported to have carried out on the morning of April 26 and the video was made two days later.

“We did a mock drill at 7am. We turned it [oxygen supply] to zero. Then 22 patients who were likely to die were filtered out. We immediately restored supply. They started turning blue. 74 remained. This was our biggest experiment),” he had said.

Jain later clarified that he had adjusted oxygen flow to the beds of patients and identified 22 patients who required high flow of oxygen. The administration had denied claims made by the patients’ family members and local residents that 22 persons died in the “experiment”. The probe panel further set up by the administration found that no deaths were caused due to lack of oxygen in the hospital.

The family members of the patients who were admitted at the time of the alleged experiment claimed that clean chit to the hospital was a travesty of justice. “Arinjay Jain called me on April 26 saying that he would not be able to save my father. It became clear that he died due to the experiment. The hospital has now been re-opened only because its owner has political connections. No penal action was taken against him as the probes were just eyewash,” said Ashok Chawla of Agra whose father was was put on ventilator support at the hospital on April 14 last year.

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