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BJP using Gyanvapi to divert attention: Akhilesh Yadav

SP Chief Akhilesh Yadav Tuesday said the BJP uses its “invisible friends” to rake up issues like the Gyanvapi mosque to divert people’s attention from issues like price rise and unemployment.

“Gyanvapi mosque and other such incidents, the BJP does these things intentionally. Either the BJP does it, or their hidden and invisible friends do such things. They (BJP) push their invisible friends in the front. That’s because the BJP doesn’t want to answer fundamental questions like the rise in the prices of diesel and petrol,” said Akhilesh during his visit to Azamgarh.

Asked about the petition on the Taj Mahal, Akhilesh said, “The BJP should remember that their Prime Minister had gone to Agra and assured the tourism industry there that ‘one-trillion economy of the country is only possible with the Taj Mahal’’. If their PM is saying this, then what do their invisible friends want? They want hatred because they have to contest the upcoming polls and do not want to answer questions on inflation and unemployment,” added the SP chief.

Akhilesh alleged that the BJP has been working for the policy of “one nation, one industrialist”.

“When you and I remain busy watching this argument, we hardly realise what is being sold. Who is being put in front to buy these things? Whenever such things (like mosques) are shown, you should understand that some valuables of the country are being sold. I feel the slogan given by the BJP of ‘one nation, one ration’. Maybe such incidents are being projected, and the BJP might be working on the ‘one nation, one industrialist’ policy. By showing this (mosque), maybe several of the country’s assets are being sold,” he alleged.

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