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PM Modi to Yogi ministers: Manage time better, focus on ‘karya’ first

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a stopover in Lucknow on Monday while returning from Lumbini in Nepal, he met the ministers of the Uttar Pradesh government and held a free-wheeling conversation with them, according to sources.

A month into his second term, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath welcomed PM Modi at his official residence in Lucknow, where he was joined by his entire council of ministers.

During his three and a half-hour-long discussion with the ministers, the PM gave them lessons in governance and time management. Sources said Modi asked them to differentiate between “karya” (work) and “karyakaram” (events and programmes), telling them to focus on “karya” first and then on “karyakaram”.

“It was a very informal discussion. The Prime Minister was giving us lessons on better governance. At first, the ministers were seated at a distance from the PM and CM Adityanath. But after he arrived, the PM asked us to pull our chairs closer. The discussion began and he asked us about our experiences during field visits,” said a minister.

Sources said the Prime Minister also told the ministers to not indulge themselves in transfer and postings of officers, and advised them to develop a better relationship with officials by holding informal discussions for a better understanding of issues.

Sources said while talking about managing time properly, the Prime Minister advised them to read about Benjamin Franklin.

Later in the evening, the PM tweeted: “Had an extensive interaction with the Council of Ministers of the Uttar Pradesh government. We discussed a wide range of subjects relating to furthering good governance and ‘Ease of Living’ for the citizens.”

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