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Gyanvapi mosque case: First day of survey concludes amid high security

The first day of the court-ordered videography survey of the Kashi Vishwanath temple-Gyanvapi mosque complex in Varanasi concluded on Saturday.

Inspection of the complex began at 8 am and ended at noon, amid heavy police force deployment and elaborate arrangements near the complex. The police had cordoned off the road near the complex. The Commission appointed by the court, including three advocate commissioners, lawyers from both sides, the petitioners and other officials were present during the inspection.

Varanasi police commissioner Satish Ganesh said the action of the court-appointed commission will continue on Sunday. “We were directed by the court to create an ideal situation for the Commission to do its work. Both sides cooperated. Everything happened smoothly, and I have been told that the action will continue tomorrow as well,” he said on Saturday.

Speaking after the conclusion of the Commission’s survey on Saturday, advocate Sudhir Tripathi who represents the Hindu women in the case, said, “The survey will continue tomorrow. Around 50 per cent of it is done… With support from the administration and the opposing side, the Commission’s action continued for four hours. No hindrance was created by anyone. The report of the survey will be submitted in court.”

On Thursday, a Varanasi court had ordered resumption of the video survey of the Kashi Vishwanath temple-Gyanvapi mosque complex, which was halted last week following allegations of bias against the official in charge — even if it meant getting “locks opened/ broken”. The survey report should be submitted on May 17, it had said.

The court had appointed two additional advocate commissioners on Thursday after advocate commisioner Ajay Kumar Mishra was accused of being “biased” by the Muslim side.

Civil Judge (Senior Division) Ravi Kumar Diwakar said Thursday that top district officials “have the responsibility” to complete the survey by the court-appointed Commission, and directed the DGP and the Chief Secretary to supervise “related action”.

The petitioners in the case have sought freedom to worship Maa Shringar Gauri, Lord Ganesh, Lord Hanuman and Nandiji in the “old temple complex situated at settlement Plot No. 9130”. The mosque side has said that the petitioners should first identify the plot.

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