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Gyanvapi inspection to continue, anyone causing hindrance to be booked: court

The Varanasi court hearing the petition of five women seeking the right to worship without any hindrance at the Kashi Vishwanath temple-Gyanvapi mosque complex on Thursday ordered that the inspection would continue at the disputed site.

Two more advocate commissioners—Ajay Singh and Vishal Singh—have been appointed by the court, after advocate commissioner Ajay Kumar Mishra was accused of being biased by the Anjuman Intezamia mosque committee.

The court asked the commission to submit a report on its inspection of the complex by May 17. The court said that locks at the mosque would be opened for inspection, if necessary. If someone creates any hindrance, they will be booked, the court added.

The court said, “During the inspection at the spot, as per the court’s orders earlier, the plaintiffs, respondents, their lawyers, advocate commissioners, their assistants and only other persons related to the commission’s work will be the only people present at the spot. No outside person will be allowed there except those part of the commission. The advocate commissioners will be independent to take photos and videos as per pointers being given by the petitioners. If anyone creates any hindrance to this, like if there are some locks, then the district administration will have the full right to get the locks opened/broken for the commission’s action. The Varanasi district magistrate and police commissioner have the personal responsibility to complete the commission’s action. The UP DGP and UP chief secretary (administration) are directed to supervise the related action so that the district officials cannot make any excuses to postpone the commission’s action. The commission’s action will be undertaken from 8am to 12 noon every day till the commission’s work concludes. If any hindrance is created by anyone in the commission’s action, then the district administration should lodge an FIR and take the strictest action possible. Under no condition should the commission’s work be stopped even if any of the petitioners cooperate or not.”

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