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‘Don’t make mockery of PIL system’: Allahabad HC on plea to open 20 rooms in Taj Mahal

The Allahabad High Court on Thursday pulled up the petitioner seeking opening of 20 rooms in the Taj Mahal, and asked him not to make “a mockery of the PIL system”.

“Go and research. Do M.A. Do PhD.,” a bench comprising Justices DK Upadhyay and Subhash Vidyarthi said, according to Bar & Bench. “Then choose such a topic and if any institute disallows you to research on such a topic.”

The plea was filed by Dr Rajneesh Singh who is seeking direction to the Archeological Survey of India to open 20 sealed doors of the Taj Mahal to resolve the controversy around its origins. He contends that the Taj Mahal was a Shiva Temple, known as Tejo Mahalaya, and has asked for the government to constitute a fact-finding committee to publish the “real history” of the monument.

“I welcome you to debate the issue with us in the drawing room and not in a court of law,” the court said.

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