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Star of the month to seminars, KEM boosts morale of its staff

To motivate its staffers and add a splash of healthy competition, civic-run KEM Hospital has started a new initiative—star of the month, wherein one member each from nursing, security, labour and administrative departments will be honoured. In addition, the hospital will also start organising seminars for grade 4 employees with an aim to promote good relations with patients and their kin, as well as good work ethics.

Saying that every staffer has an important role to play in the running of the hospital, an official said there are staffers who work efficiently but go unrecognised, and the initiative will appreciate their efforts. As part of it, photos of the selected stars are also displayed on a notice board. 

Dr Sangeeta Rawat, dean of the hospital and medical college, said, “We have recently started this concept to bring healthy competition among the staff. We also give them an appreciation certificate. Apart from this, we are also planning to give them monetary or non-monetary incentives with the help of CSR or NGOs to boost their morale to work better in their respective fields.”  On the topic of seminars, she said that these will help bridge the gap between the patients and grade 4 employees and foster a healthy relationship.

“We are going to conduct a seminar for grade 4 employees which include ward boys, attendants, nursemaids, and other staff. The seminars will not only be held on behaviour, but also on infection prevention and control, biomedical waste disposal, sterilisation, disinfection, patient care, ICU protocols, etc. We will also hold sessions on sexual harassment at work place and actions to be taken during internal and external disasters,” she said. Dr Rawat added, “It is the need of the hour to keep our staff updated and informed about their responsibility so that they can deliver the same.”

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