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Covid-19: Jabs reduced deaths by 94 per cent, shows study

A study by civic-run SevenHills Hospital has revealed that a double dose of vaccine against COVID-19 reduces risks of fatality by 94 per cent. Fatalities were high among the unvaccinated patients, admitted between July 2021 and February 2022. One in every five unvaccinated individuals succumbed to the virus, it showed. 

The discharge rate in partially vaccinated patients is 93.45 per cent, it showed.

Though it has been over a year since vaccination against COVID-19 started in the country, very little knowledge is available on its effects on infections.

A medic jabs a man against COVID, at Nair hospital, on Tuesday. Pic/Ashish Raje

Vaccines work by training and preparing the body’s natural defence, the immune system, to identify and fight off the viruses. When exposed to the virus after vaccination, the body is immediately ready to destroy it, preventing illness.

Seven Hills Hospital conducted a study on breakthrough COVID-19 infections among vaccinated patients who were admitted between July 2021 and February 2022. In this period, 9,893 COVID-positive patients were admitted, and of these 4,710 (47.60 per cent) were fully vaccinated, 1,497 (15.3 per cent) had taken a single dose and 3,686 (37.25 per cent) were unvaccinated.

During treatment, 98 (6.52 per cent) out of 1,405 patients who had taken a single dose died, 281 (5.96 per cent) out of 4,429 fully vaccinated patients died and 745 (20.21 per cent) of the 3,686 unvaccinated patients succumbed to the virus.

Dr Smita Chavhan, additional dean at Seven Hills Hospital, said, “This study indicated that vaccination will protect you from the severity of the disease but can’t protect you against infection. It also shows that every person’s immune system is different, so accordingly the response to vaccines differs. But one thing is sure that vaccines will protect people from getting complications even if they get infected. This study also indicates how important it is for people to take a booster dose, which will help maintain antibody levels.”

She added, “It is an appeal to people, mostly senior citizens and those who are immunocompromised, to take the booster dose if they have completed nine months since taking the second shot.”

COVID Task Force member and infectious diseases expert Dr Om Shrivastav said, “There is no doubt that vaccines help fight the virus. Now, very few patients need admission, thanks to the vaccination. People who are at a higher risk of getting breakthrough infections should take a booster dose because it is proving to be life-saving.”

No. of deaths of unvaxxed at SevenHills from July-Feb

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