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Hotel Review: The House of MG, Ahmedabad in India

Ahmedabad, a city in Gujarat boasts of a rich cultural heritage. The Rani-ki-Vav (the Queen’s Stepwell) at Patan, Gujarat was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site list in 2014. Now maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), Rani-ki-Vav was recently quoted to be an inspiration for the Hudson Yard’s Stairmaster Monument (titled ‘Vessel’). London-based Architect Thomas Heatherwick, founder of Heatherwick studio, said the staircases were inspired by the step wells in Gujarat. Besides being an architectural wonder, Rani-ki-Vav has art at every level featuring over 500 intricate stone carvings, combining religious, mythological and secular imagery. The Adalaj […]

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